In 1991, researchers in a University of Cambridge computer laboratory sought a solution to a very practical question—was there coffee in the Trojan Room, which housed the only coffee pot in the building? They pointed a video camera at the pot, wired it to their network, and created the world’s first webcam.


5月16日, 2003, 电子游戏软件 launched its first two webcams, offering views of the Gasson四rangle and the plaza in front of O’Neill Library. Within four days, the webcams recorded 4,350 visits. The current campus locations on view are typically viewed more than 65,000 times a month.


Thomas More Apartments

Located at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and St. Thomas More Road (the former site of More Hall), the Thomas More Apartments opened its doors in 2016. The 490-bed residence hall is a mix of four- and six-bedroom apartments, 研讨会的空间, music practice rooms, and the University 健康 Services Center.



Located on the south face of the Gasson Hall tower, this webcam looks across Gasson四, with views of Fulton Hall, home to the Carroll School of Management (center), 和德夫林大厅, which houses the Office of Undergraduate 电子游戏软件 (left).


The Plaza in Front of O'Neill Library

Lying on the main path between the Lower Campus, where most upperclassmen live, and McElroy Commons, a center of student activity, the plaza in front of O'Neill Library is the crossroads of the University. This camera is mounted on the roof above the entrance to O'Neill Library, which was dedicated in 1984 with a speech by its namesake, then-Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr. '36. Visible at the left, across the wide steps, is Devlin Hall. To the right is Gasson Hall, 电子游戏软件's signature structure and the first building to be erected (1913) on what had been a 36-acre gentleman's farm.


Margot Connell 娱乐 Center

这244,000 square-foot, four-story recreation center, which replaced the Flynn 娱乐 Complex, officially opened on July 9, 2019, on the former site of Edmond's Hall on Thomas More Road. It includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, 慢跑跑道, natatorium with lap and instructional pools, four wood-floor basketball courts, three tennis courts, two multi-activity courts and multi-purpose rooms for spin, yoga and fitness classes, among other amenities. The building is named in honor of Margot Connell—a trustee associate, honorary degree recipient, mother of six 电子游戏软件 graduates, and one of the University's most generous benefactors.



Mounted on the roof of Carney Hall on Middle Campus, this webcam looks northwest across the Campus Green to 斯托克斯霍尔, 183年,000-square-foot academic building that opened in January 2013. The L-shaped facility houses the classical studies, 英语, 历史, 哲学, and theology departments, the College of 艺术 & Sciences Honors Program, the Academic Advising Center, and First Year Experience offices, as well as 36 classrooms, 公共区域, 咖啡店, and conference rooms.



This view from the top of the Merkert Chemistry Center takes in the 135-acre Chestnut Hill Reservoir and the skyscrapers of downtown Boston, just six miles away.

Linked to downtown by a trolley stop beside the campus, 电子游戏软件 is also connected to its namesake city by student jobs and internships in the finance, 医学, 教育, 法律, 通信, 艺术, and social services sectors; by the University’s sponsorship of service programs in Boston neighborhoods; and by Boston’s cultural institutions, which constitute a vast resource for students, 教师, 和游客.